I AM NO Shrinking Violet

I Am No Shrinking Violet

I AM NO Shrinking Violet

Arising From the Ashes of Trauma

by Lettie R. Violetta

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You are a blessing Survived for a reason Victory over abuse
through Jesus

“Lettie is passionate about helping people see possibility!”
~ Jill Savage – Author and Speaker

“Lettie has an amazing story of God’s redemptive grace. She’s a fabulous communicator with a passionate voice that will help other victims of abuse and trauma find hope and healing through Christ”
~ Bruce W. Martin – Author, Speaker, Bible Teacher, Counselor and Adventure Guide

Are you lonely, been abused, looking for a way to move beyond your trauma and circumstances to fulfill your potential?

Are you looking to overcome rejection, torment and struggles in every way?

Are you looking to thrive in an otherwise bleak world?

Do you want to be the cycle breaker for your lineage?

You do have a voice. It’s time to stand up. Rise.

Lettie Violetta
  • Lettie R. Violetta
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  • I AM NO Shrinking Violet

I AM NO Shrinking Violet Arising From the Ashes of Trauma

by Lettie R. Violetta

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Lettie’s testimony of trauma speaks to others in a way that makes an impact on them and is genuine, helping others to recognize their healing and take back their power in a spiritual way.

Lettie shares her story of recovery from physical and emotional abuse, rape, financial loss and three failed marriages through her constant and unfailing love and relationship with Jesus Christ. She tells her story and shows how she overcame all of the trauma.

Lettie explains how she became a thriver not just a survivor giving tips and tools that will help anyone looking to recover from many different types of suffering and allow true healing to take place.

“Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.”
– Mark Twain

Oh wow! Ok, so I’m on page 45. Your book is straightforward to read. It kept me very interested, and it’s crazy how many things you went through that correlate to my life story. (Goosebumps and hair standing on end.) Your book will help many people, I believe. Both men and women. I love your color illustrations. Our connection came at a good time for me.
~ Candace H.

Good read. I had no idea what you had been through!! I was shocked to find out. 😔I’m glad you are here and got to write your story. I had not known that about your mom. When we were around everything seemed so normal, but, I guess that’s how those kinds of people are. I feel so sad that no one knew and could help. Back then you didn’t dare say a word.
~ Renee W.

Oh my Lord beautiful lady I am in tears.. oh I am sick how you were treated.. Lettie I can’t put this down.. already I see so much of my life in yours with choosing men. I did not have physical abuse with my parents but I sure had abusive men. I told my mom at church that I thought your mom looked mean and she scared me.. no wonder you were so shy.. I should have reached out more.. Lettie.. sister in Christ you are someone incredibly special.. I want you to know I admire your courage and strength. This book was exactly what I needed right now.. the Holy Spirit has been laying on my heart about my journey and testimony and I have been too fearful to do it.. you just lit a fire for me!!!
~Julie B.

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    Lettie’s Achievements

    • 2023 220 Florida licensed Property & Casualty.
    • 2022 Licensed 215 Alabama and Florida Life, Health and Annuities Insurance Agent.
    • 2021 Retired from the salon industry. Closed Handsome Hair. Presently enjoying and living in The Panhandle in Florida.
    • 2015-2019 Received several ViewBug Awards including 51 Peer Awards, 23 Top Class Awards, Celebrity Award, Community Choice Award, Lucky 3 Award, Staff Winter Selection Award 2015, Brilliant Award and Thumbs Up Award and the Legendary Award for Lettie Krell Photography.
    • 2015 September 11 Opening Lettie’s Handsome Hair Men’s Salon.
    • 2014 Received Top Retail Sales Award from The Boardroom Men’s Salon.
    • 2012-2013 Austin Aveda Institute of Cosmetology Graduate of 500 hours Aveda Educator.
    • 2011-2012 Salon Manager for Aveda Salon Dillard’s Bringing up sales 36% over 6 months and doubling staff.
    • 2005 January 21 Michigan House of Representatives Tim Moore Letter to Congratulate Upon Honorary Service To Community.
    • 2004 June 10 Mid America Tour Aveda/Fredric’s Attendee.
    • 2002 Aveda Earth Month Certification of Thanks.
    • 2001 June 3 Aveda Fredric’s Earth Month Commended Environmental Commitment and Contributions New Wave Salon.
    • 2000 June 5 Aveda Frederic’s Certification Completion Aveda Retail and Customer Care Workshop With Christopher Hermann.
    • 2000 June 5 Aveda Fredric’s Mid America Certification of Atendee.
    • 2000 June 3-4 Aveda Fredric’s Mid America Tour Certification of Atendee.
    • 2000 July 8 Opening of Spa PrAHna Salon
    • 1999 Aveda Fredric’s Mid America Tour Certification of Atendee.
    • 1998 Aveda 20l20 1978-1998 Aveda Congress Festival Radio City Music Hall, New York City Certification of Atendee.
    • 1997 Aveda Fredric’s Mid America Tour Certification of Atendee.
    • 1996 October 6 Aveda Concept Mid America Tour Certification of Atendee.
    • 1996 April 21-22 Aveda Concept Mid America Tour Certification of Atendee.
    • 1995 New Wave Longevity Award from Frederic’s Corporation Aveda Concept Salon
    • 1995 New Wave Aveda Certified as Accredited Aveda Concept Salon.
    • 1996 September 15 Fredric’s Certification of Completion Advanced Massage Aveda Continuing Education.
    • 1996 September 16 Fredric’s Certification of Completion Seated Massage Aveda Continuing Education.
    • 1997 February 9 Project Daymaker Certification Appointed Official “Daymaker”.
    • 1993 Opening New Wave Salon.
    • 1983-1984 St Mary’s Institute of Cosmetology Graduate of 1650 hours Master Cosmetologist.
    • 1982 Fall Student of Fashion Merchandising and Interior Design Ferris State College (University).
    • 1982 Graduate of Rudyard High School Rudyard, Michigan.
    • 1982 May 20 Stage Manager Play “The Happy Journey” Rudyard High School.
    • 1982 UP Community School Games/Winter Olympics Volleyball.
    • 1981 Rudyard High School Athletic Award Cross Country Track.
    • 1981 4-H Showmanship Award Gladwin Co, Michigan.
    • 1981 Rudyard High School Music Award Flute.
    • 1980-81 May 20 The Dog House Newspaper Certificate of Reporter, Rudyard High School.
    • 1980 Gladwin High School Athletic Award Certificate JV Cross Country.
    • 1980 July 24 4-H Showmanship Award Gladwin Co, Michigan
    • 1980 July 10-12 Flute Player in the play “The Music Man” at the Gladwin Arts Festival.
    • 1979 April 11 Spanish I & II Won First Place Annual Foreign Languages Festival Singing Competition Singing “Que Tiempo Tan Feliz” (Those Were The Days).
    • 1979 February 9 Let The Sunshine In Bible Study Course Certificate Of Completion.
    • 1979 Gladwin High School Athletic Certificate Award Girl’s Cross Country.
    • 1979 Gladwin High School Athletic Certificate Award Varsity Track
    • 1979-80 4-H Award Certificate Gladwin, Michigan.
    • 1978-79 4-H Showmanship Award Gladwin, Co, Michigan.
    • 1978-79 Michigan 4-H Award Certificate.
    • 1978 Fall Gladwin High School Athletic Certificate Varsity Cross Country.
    • 1978 July 25 4-H First Place Blue Ribbon Exhibitor Award, Gladwin Co, Michigan.
    • 1978 July 25 4-H Second Place Red Ribbon Showmanship Award, Gladwin Co, Michigan.
    • 1977-78 Certificate Award Gladwin Community Schools Recognition Junior High Track.
    • 1976-77 Michigan 4-H Award Certificate.
    • 1977 Presidential Physical Fitness Award- Strong Mind & Body.
    • 1977-1982 High School and Junior High School sports including Track, cross country, softball, volleyball, band and 4-H.
    • 1979-81 Sparks Newspaper Reporter Gladwin High School.

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